Dynamical Systems with Hidden Attractors

November 23, 2:15 PM – 3:45 PM, Central Time 

  • Maaita Jamal-Odysseas, Meletlidou Efthymia, Investigating chaotic attractors in a system of two linear and one Van der Pol type nonlinear oscillator

  • Kosmidis SavvasMaaita Jamal-Odysseas, Meletlidou Efthymia, Volos Christos, Hidden Attractors in a Van der Pol type system of a linear and nonlinear oscillators

  • Vasileios DrakopoulosSongIl Ri, Hölder continuous Fractal Interpolation Functions

  • L.E. Reyes-LópezJ.S. Murgua, H. Gonzlez-Aguilar, Implementation of a dynamical systems-based image encryption scheme

  • Eleftherios PetavratzisChristos Volos, Viet-Thanh Pham, Ioannis Stouboulos, Autonomous Mobile Robot with a Multi-System Chaotic Path Planner