Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control

November 24, 2:45 PM – 4:15 PM, Central TimeĀ 

  • Maria Aline Gonalves, Jose Manoel Balthazar, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Elbieta Jarzebowska, Mauricio Aparecido Ribeiro, On an Optimal Linear Control Design Applied to Parametrically Excited Surface Waves of a Vibrating System Composed by a Partially Filled Tank and Electric Motor with LimitedĀ  Power-Supply

  • Chunbiao Li, Xu Ma, Offset boosting regulated multistability

  • Yu Guo, Albert Luo, Period-3 Motions in a Periodically Driven Spring Pendulum

  • Muhammad Farman, Simulation and Control of Glucose Insulin Algorithm for Artificial Pancreas

  • Sopfy Karuseichyk, V.N. Chizhevsky, Logical vibrational resonance in a VCSEL