Nonlinear Dynamics of Oscillatory Systems

November 25, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM, Central Time 

(Live session) Nov 24, at 13:00 PM Moscow time (Nov 24, at 4:00 AM CDT US & Canada)

  • Igor Franovic, Matthias Wolfrum, Serhiy Yanchuk, Sebastian Eydam, Iva Bačić, Dynamics of a Stochastic Excitable System with a Slowly Adapting Feedback

  • Otti D’Huys, Dmitry Shchapin, Vladimir Klinshov, Stochastic switching between oscillation frequencies: comparing stochastic delays and additive phase noise

  • Serhiy Yanchuk, Rico Berner, Eckehard Schöll, What adaptive neuronal networks teach us about power grids

  • Paweł Olejnik, Michal Feckan, Jan Awrejcewicz, Quasiperiodic behaviour of a parametrically and physically forced pendulum with one and more degrees of freedom

  • Siyu Guo, Albert Luo, On Countable Infinite Homoclinic Orbits Relative to Unstable Periodic Orbits in the Lorenz System