Stochastic Dynamics and Data Science

November 25, 4:00 PM Р5:30 PM, Central Time 

  • Qi Liu, Yong Xu, Fixed-interval smoothing of an aeroelastic airfoil model with cubic or free-play nonlinearity in incompressible flow

  • Sun Jiaojiao, Huan Ronghua¬†Reliability of nonlinear stochastic controlled system considering the dynamics of sensors and actuators

  • Xia Lei, Huan Ronghua, Rebalance control of a predator-prey system under abrupt changes

  • Jinzhong Ma, Yong Xu, Di Liu, Suppression of noise-induced critical transitions: a linear augmentation method

  • Biliu Zhou, Yanfei Jin, Discontinuous dynamics of near-grazing flutter for a two-dimensional airfoil with impulsive state feedback control