Stochastic Dynamics and Data Science

November 24, 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM, Central TimeĀ 

  • Ruoxing Mei, Yong Xu, Noise-induced stochastic resonance in a triple cavity

  • Di Liu, Jing Li, Stochastic vibration analysis of nonlinear suspension system with symmetric viscoelastic buffers under wide-band noise excitations

  • Xiaoyu Zhang, Yong Xu, Rate-dependent bifurcation dodge for a thermoacoustic system driven by colored noise

  • Hua Li, Yong Xu, Transition path properties for one-dimensional systems driven by Poisson white noise

  • Jiamin Qian, Lincong Chen, Stochastic response analysis of a class of vibro-impact systems with bilateral barriers